The first HUMP! was a rip-roarin', pussy-lickin', come-splatterin' success—thanks to the actors and filmmakers who made the porn, and the audiences that packed the Northwest Film Forum—and this year's HUMP! is going to be even better! But first, a little history...

Last year we challenged our readers—more sex-positive, infinitely pervier, and way better looking than the readers of any other newspaper in town—to create their own porn and enter it in Seattle's first-ever festival of locally produced smut. Then we held our breath. Would anyone enter? We knew Seattle was crawling with pervs, kinksters, and filmmakers, but were any courageous enough to make and submit their own porn? Would the cops shut us down? Would God strike us dead?

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On deadline day we had almost 100 tapes in the building—two or three times what we expected—and two screenings quickly became four to meet demand for tickets. Audiences were treated to pirates battling ninjas, sex during earthquakes, and a soulful cupcake doing the nasty with a vanilla sandwich cookie. The morality police didn't show, there were no lightning bolts, and a good, pervy time was had by all.

How could we not do it again?

This year's HUMP! goes down at the Northwest Film Forum September 8–9, 2006, and while last year's porn festival was a success, we've made some changes in response to feedback from filmmakers and audiences...

This year HUMP! will feature...

Shorter FIlms! Last year we set a maximum length of 12 minutes. Too long! This year our max length is eight minutes. Just right!

More tickets! We had to turn hundreds of people away last year, so we've added a second day's worth of screenings!

Digital video! We've joined the 21st century! This year HUMP! entries can be submitted on DVD or VHS!

More smut! This year every HUMP! entry will be screened. We've got both theaters at Northwest Film Forum, which will allow us to show films in competition for the grand prize on the main screen while NWFF's smaller screen hosts a two-day-long smut marathon featuring every last HUMP! entry!

Bigger prize! There were no complaints about last year's prize—a trip to Las Vegas during the Adult Video News Awards and $500 cash—but we're sweetening the pot anyway. This year's winner will go to Vegas during the AVN Awards (airfare and hotel for two) and get $2,000 cash!

GAY action! At least we hope so! Tons of hot fags watched the action at last year's HUMP!, but there wasn't much gay action on the screen! Come on, fags! Make some porn!

There's one thing we're not changing: We're committed to keeping HUMP! fun, safe and anonymous! We make one master copy and a single backup from HUMP! entries, and return originals to the filmmakers. During the screenings we do our best to make sure no one is using any recording devices. And when it's over, we destroy our copies in front of the audience. HUMP! lets you be a porn star for a weekend—not for life! So don't be shy!

Some additional details for filmmakers...

The deadline for entries is Monday, August 21, so get crackin'!

Films need to be no longer than eight minutes. Seriously. Eight minutes—and they can be shorter!

Proof that everyone involved is at least 18 years of age—file this under "Duh!"—must be provided, along with mandatory

paperwork and release forms. Forms can be downloaded at...


A jury of sex experts and porn fans select the films that go into competition for the grand prize. Films made especially for HUMP! have an advantage when it comes to getting into the competition. Why? Because we want original work, not some porn you have laying around! You can

prove you made your film just for HUMP! by including one (or all!) of these special elements in your porn...

• Dick's Hamburgers bag, burger, or location shot

• Babeland T-shirt

• Photograph of Mary Cheney

Support The Stranger

• Fake mustache

• Washington State ferry

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