Someone asked me recently, "Are there any lessons you've learned from doing sex work that are applicable to the rest of your life?" And I thought: Not one, but a hundred. A few educational incidents...

The Skeevy Boss Shakedown: My first stripper job was at a club called The Tanga. It was a dive—scarred linoleum floors, perpetually backed-up toilets, and rat droppings in the corners. The manager was creepy, an enormous, intimidating biker dude with a heavy black beard and bristling eyebrows. The guy looked like his mother had gotten jiggy with Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy. But the money was decent and the stage fees seemed reasonable—at first.

The Wolfman would sit on a stool behind the bar and collect our stage fees as we left for the night, and about once a week, he'd take the cash I offered him and then say, "You were late. That's a 40-dollar fine."

I was naive. "Late? I wasn't late. I'm always here on time."

"Last week, you were late," he'd grunt, his tattooed, nicotine-stained hand held out, "40 dollars."

I protested the first few times. Then I complained to another girl, who rolled her eyes impatiently. "Duh, that money's for him, he's keeping it. He does it to everybody. Just give it to him; he'll take even more if you bitch about it." Lesson learned: Not all costs of doing business are disclosed up front.

The Non-Compos-Mentis Coworker: I worked at a strip-mall "lingerie-modeling" establishment with a woman who insisted on being addressed as "Baby Rainbow." Baby Rainbow's level of mental functioning seemed slightly below that of your average Border collie. I once found her in the staffroom trying to start the microwave with the TV remote. She'd often put a customer into a room, tell him she'd be right back to do the show, and then wander away and forget about him.

Baby Rainbow's intellectual challenges were partially self-inflicted, however, as she dropped acid before every shift. One night she was so high that, wearing only a bra and G-string, she climbed into the brightly-lit front window display and began humping the headless, lingerie-clad mannequins. I could understand why she felt a special connection with them, but one of our neighbors disapproved of her girl-on-girl-dummy sex show and called the cops. Since I had the wit to get myself fully dressed, when the sheriff's car pulled into the parking lot I grabbed my bag and scatted out the back door, leaving Baby Rainbow to her fate. Lesson learned: When dealing with crazy people, know when to cut your losses and hit the road.

Bunny Boiler or Buffalo Bill? Once when I was an escort, I got sent to see a guy whose house was way out in the sticks. I mean rural—nothing but cow pastures. The client was okay, but he seemed slightly edgy, and when I questioned him, he explained that his jealous ex-girlfriend had been doing drive-bys past his place. He was hoping she didn't see my car and come over to cause a scene.

Oh, great, thanks a lot, buddy, I thought. I left the gig without incident, but I'd not driven far when I realized I had a flat tire. I stopped, got out of the car and saw that I was wrong: both rear tires were as floppy as empty whoopee cushions. This was before cell phones, and I thought: Shit! I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with two slashed tires, it's dark, and there's a pissy ex-girlfriend roaming the neighborhood with something sharp. This isn't good.

Then I had an equally unpleasant thought: Unless the client made up that story and did it himself, trying to prevent you from leaving. Either way, I wasn't about to hike back to his house.

I was pretty tense, but it turned out okay. I hitched a ride to a pay phone with a guy—who fortunately wasn't a serial killer—and called the motor club to tow my car. Lesson learned: Never get caught out of your comfort zone without a backup plan.

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