I have a fondness for the communal table—any eating establishment that forces a bunch of strangers to break bread together automatically wins points in my book. If that establishment also happens to have drop-dead-amazing lunch and breakfast specials, all the better. Le Fournil's long wooden center table is nearly always full on bustling weekend mornings. Patrons gobble down the generous Le Fournil Special: egg, ham, and Swiss melted onto a croissant—sort of like a croque madame with clogged arteries—plus a 12-ounce coffee beverage, for $4.99. They also make passable soups and salads, but the real glory is the lunch special: a drink, a pastry, and a sandwich for a mere $7.99. I'm partial to the baguette with cornichons, mustard, and pâté. Others might prefer the Camembert, the more pedestrian ham and Swiss, or the surprisingly delicious tuna fish. Their baguettes are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and just flavorful enough—as close to the real Frenchy style as any I've tasted in Seattle. And did I mention you also get a pastry? Tack on an extra one (pear tart, pain au chocolat, madeleines) to bring home to your sweetie and not only will you get extra points, you'll still fork out <10. SAGE VAN WING