CineKink: PDX

In a world where we're all whacking off in front of our computers, iPods, and plasma-screen TV sets, a chance to see porn on the big screen is kind of a rare cupcake. I say it might even be worth a trip down to pervy Portland. November 1–3, a NYC organization called CineKink is bringing a specially curated short-film festival to PDX's Clinton Street Theater (see the schedule at It sounds a lot like our own HUMP! festival, with films and videos that range from camp comedy to hardcore porn, and everything in between. Two particular films—Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star (a mockumentary about an Asian '70s porn legend even more, um, endowed than Sir Johnny Holmes) and Pornology New York (a real documentary about New York City's sexual underground, circa 1970–85, including footage of the infamous porn-producing Fuck Factory and the meat-packing district's now-defunct Hellfire Club)—look especially great. Watching films with any sort of sexual context in a big room full of other people is always a mind-fuck. It also seems like a good way to go get inspired for the short film you're going to make for the next HUMP! And you're making one this time, right? RIGHT?! KELLY O