Ska has died how many times now? Yet the Aquabats live on, as strong and absurd as they were when they started in 1994.

They're childish, yes—they play horn-laced songs about pool parties, cats with two heads, magic chickens, and other weird shit—but they're also a lot of fun. And despite how unhip their genre has become, they've maintained a weirdly obsessive cult following of fans called "Aquacadets" who carry around membership cards and everything.

Alithea O'Dell is Aquacadet #3722. So far as I can tell, she is the biggest Aquabats fan in Seattle. She's seen the band 13 times, including in September when she attended Ska Summit in Las Vegas. She's also taken numerous road trips to follow the band on tour.

So what is it that makes you the number-one Aquabats fan?

I think that one of the deciding factors is that I'm an adult with a professional job and an active social life. There are a lot of Aquacadets and regular Aquabats fans who grow out of them.

Why haven't you?

My friends give me a lot of grief for my fandom, but (A) there are people who are totally crazier than I am, and (B) I take the Aquabats about as seriously as they should be taken. They are hilarious and fun.

Being silly is just my nature. There is a side of me that's serious and can tell you exactly why rock steady and soul speak to my heart, but there is also a side of me that's like, "Yeah! Let's sing songs about mystical lands and have a food fight!"

I was hit in the head with a bunch of broccoli once at an Aquabats show.

The thing about the Aquabats is that they never put on the same show twice. Even though a lot of their stage show is scripted, so much random stuff goes down that you really have no idea what to expect. Plus, every crowd is different, and that adds to the overall show experience, especially with a band like the Aquabats where there's a lot of crowd participation. Plus, have you seen them in their rash guards? Dudes are smokin' hot. recommended

The Aquabats play El Corazón on Mon Nov 26 with Hunter Revenge and DJ Lance Rock. The show costs $16 adv/$17 DOS and starts at 8 pm.