Region: Downtown in Pike Place Market.

Description: A cozy underground cabaret whose lurid red walls, costumed waitstaff, and Toulouse-Lautrec–style murals evoke a 1900s-Parisian-dance-hall theme.

Evidence suggesting all of Seattle's ghosts are bar-haunting alcoholics: Like the Rendezvous, the Can Can has experienced its share of supernatural activity, such as spontaneously lit candles, mysteriously overturned silverware trays, and unprompted scraping sounds.

Happy hours: Tues–Sun, 4:30–6:30 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 well drinks, $3 draft beer (Peroni, Hale's Troll Porter, Kölsch, others), $4 wine, and $5 specialty cocktails (such as the Ringmaster, which consists of apricot-infused rye whiskey, Averna, and peach bitters).

Happy-hour food specials: $3.99 appetizers, including three-cheese macaroni or chicken skewers in honey-mustard sauce.