Renée French

Traditionally, the creature known as Sasquatch is thought to be a solitary beast, 7 to 10 feet tall and covered with dark hair, that inhabits the remote wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Cryptozoologists hypothesize that Sasquatch—alternately called Bigfoot, Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, or Chiye-tanka around the world—may be a missing link, a still-living evolutionary snapshot of early man.

Like its namesake, the Sasquatch! music festival is a big, hairy beast—three days of music, comedy, and camping—inhabiting one of Washington's great remote wildernesses, the Gorge. It's also a bit of a missing link, a bridge between an interminably slow, gray spring and a hot, sunny summer festival season. This year, too, Sasquatch! provides a kind of evolutionary guide to indie rock, bringing together early alt luminaries like the Cure and R.E.M., '90s heavyweights the Breeders, and scores of some of today's best artists. Like the "real" Sasquatch, the festival is generally friendly but sometimes difficult to track—this guide will help you capture Sasquatch! in all its glory and help you survive the encounter. Go to Line Out, The Stranger's music and nightlife blog, for live reports and reviews from the festival.