No band better exemplifies the Curse of the Perfect Debut than Clinic. Leaving aside a self-titled CD collecting their early singles, the Liverpool quartet began with 2000's Internal Wrangler, one of those albums that record geeks of a certain stripe live for—a mad, endlessly replayable compendium of sonic devices citing a dead-on assortment of historical landmarks that moves so fast but packs in so much you're alternately shocked and relieved it's only a half-hour long. Internal Wrangler exposed every trick Clinic have up their collective sleeve, setting the band's subsequent work up for failure. How do you reinvent a sound that's already constantly reinvented itself song to song? How do you top the moment when your enthusiasm for those tricks comes through most vividly?

Just announced! Jon Bellion at WaMu Theater on 7/16/19. Tix on sale this Friday!

Do It! isn't going to provide many answers, because, like most of Clinic's work since Wrangler, it's a fine album that realigns the debut's tires but does basically nothing to the chassis. There's a song that can't help but resemble a brisker Radiohead, thanks to the similarity Ade Blackburn's stuffy mewl bears to Thom Yorke's ("Winged Wheel"). There's the opulent psychedelic track that still sounds like it was recorded in a garage ("Coda"). There are bruised, moody ballads against whose contours Brian Campbell's bass pins Blackburn's falsetto ("Emotions"). There's jungle-boogie garage rock with post–Albert Ayler saxophone ("Shopping Bag").

Clinic may be digging through the same drawer they plucked their previous albums from, but hearing jumbled-up Wire, Augustus Pablo, Ennio Morricone, snarling proto-punk, and Terry Riley (to begin with) done skillfully and with an active sensibility is still no bad thing. It all adds to the possibilities for what I trust will be one fuck of a best-of. Just don't ask me to stop reaching for Internal Wrangler.

Clinic play Fri May 16, Neumo's, 8 pm, $13 adv, 21+. With Shearwater.

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