It's a slow week in the wake of the delightful clusterfuck that was Capitol Hill Block Party and in advance of Labor Day weekend's sure-to-be-overwhelming Bumbershoot Festival, but it's not entirely without activity, both good and bad.

* * *

First the bad news: Local mope rock quintet Siberian have decided to call it quits, announcing their decision via a MySpace bulletin on Monday, August 4:

"After a little over four years of playing music together, we've collectively decided to move on to other things. We're all extremely grateful to everyone that's supported us over the years. To all the bands we've played with, the folks that helped us make our records, and the fans that've come out to our shows and picked up our music, thank you. You've made everything worth it.

Love, Siberian"


* * *

On a brighter note, the Saturday Knights landed themselves on the number-one spot on CMJ's hiphop charts last week with debut album Mingle. Anybody who saw (and was sober enough to remember) their "secret" set at Neumo's on Saturday night of the Block Party will know why this makes sense: The Saturday Knights are goofy, good-time rap with enough live action to win over the most steadfast rockers and with enough true MC mettle to keep the hiphop heads' respect. Plenty of ink has already been spilled here on the merits of Mingle, but to reiterate: This is your summer 2008 party soundtrack, Seattle. Congrats, Knights.

* * *

In nightlife business, King Cobra remains on the market after a brief six-month run. And on Wednesday, July 30, an ad was posted on a Craigslist for a "Pike Corridor" restaurant/bar/lounge with a "prime Capitol Hill location," "2 bars plus 1 portable bar," "high ceilings with loft seating," and a capacity of 600 people—asking price $300,000. The ad doesn't identify the bar, and there's a nondisclosure agreement involved, but let's speculate: The only clubs with that kind of capacity and features on the Hill, let alone on the advertised "Pike Corridor," are King Cobra and Neumo's. Neumo's booker Jason Lajeunesse says Neumo's is not for sale. If it's King Cobra, though, it's asking $125,000 less than the owners initially sought just last month.

And, as reported on Slog on Monday, August 4, historic club the Crocodile, which unexpectedly closed nine months ago, may have a new owner: Marcus Charles, current owner of the Bad Juju Lounge in Belltown, and formerly of Neumo's and Spitfire, has applied for a new liquor license for the Crocodile Cafe. recommended