Kelly O

I've said it before and I'll say it again—there's something really f*cking weird going on at the Fortune Sports Bar in the International District. I keep going there because it has, hands down, the best non-overcrowded karaoke in the city. But every time I'm there, something COMPLETELY bat-shit crazy happens. Like this past Saturday. One minute I'm standing at the bar, trying to get last call and thinking that the just-married Lacey and Reuben sure looked nice on their wedding day... and the NEXT minute a tray of 13 shots of Jägermeister starts floating (levitating!) up off of the bar. No shitting. If you don't believe me, just look at this picture. I'm not saying I necessarily believe in ghosts, but if I DID, I think there's one who likes to party at the Fortune.

Lacey says, "See what?" They will receive his and hers DOTW T-shirts and a clove of garlic to hang above their front door. Uh, just in case.

OCTOBER DRINKING GAME: Is there a Seattle bar you think is haunted? Please leave it in the comments section...