It can be a challenge to talk politics at an all-ages pop/punk show. Most of the kids in attendance are there to see their friends' band play and/or hit on the cuties and hotties in the crowd. And if they're not doing that, they're acting as goofy as possible.

I knew the all-local lineup consisting of Brodie, Nobody Wins, and Hat Trick at Local 46 on January 12 was going to supply me with just such a crowd. But I had a job to do.... Audience member Joey Samson's goofiness during Nobody Wins' tight and catchy set caught my attention, so I pulled him and a friend into Local 46's lobby during a break in the music.

Twenty-year-old Joey and his friend Craig seemed reluctant to talk at first. Then I asked them about the negative side of the all-ages scene.

"The scene sucks," said Joey (right in photo, above). "There's not very many good local bands, and they don't have good opportunities, not enough good places to play."

"That makes me angry too," Craig said (left in photo), "when I can't get into 21-and-over shows. There's no reason why every place couldn't be all-ages. At one place they'll have it where if you're not 21, you can't get into the bar but you're allowed to see the bands play. They could do that everywhere. Kids need something to do. Especially the ones who are under 21, the ones who aren't allowed to go and drink."

On the off chance that Greg Nickels might read this, I asked the two funnymen if they had any tips for our new mayor.

"Don't pose naked anymore," Craid said, referring to The Stranger's "expository" campaign coverage. He continued, "I'm looking for more support for the underage scene. More clubs, more money--"

"--more places to play," Joey interrupted, "decent places. Community centers don't count as places to play!"

"And with other things to do besides music," added Craig. "Just a place to go and hang out during the day, because if politicians are so concerned about teenagers causing trouble then they should be supporting these sort of projects more."

The boys nodded in agreement, and our interview seemed to be at an end. But Joey had one more thing to add before he headed back into Local 46: "Nobody Wins is kick-ass." MEGAN SELING