Harmontown follows Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon as he takes the recording of his podcast on a national tour after being fired as Community showrunner. The documentary fawns over Harmon's comedic genius, but his irascible side shines through—Harmon is a cruel drunk, and he's drunk a lot. Harmontown really only works for true fans of Community and the podcast, and even those true believers might find their patience tested beyond the breaking point. About halfway through Harmontown, in classic TV-writer fashion, Harmon tries to figure out what lesson he can learn by the end of the film. The real lesson—that to learn a lesson you have to change and become better—escapes him. Thankfully, the film finds an unlikely hero in Spencer Crittenden, the unassuming nerd who, through a fluke of fate, became the dungeon master of the podcast's ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Crittenden is gentle hearted, funny, and humble about his sudden weird fame. As Harmon's egomania grows, Crittenden blossoms into the emotional center of the documentary. It's a beautiful thing to behold. recommended

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