Rumi Koshino and Mugi Takei take the instability of the world and enshrine it in faint watercolor paintings that draw you in to see better or sculptures made of delicate materials you could tear. Their subjects are fragile, too—life after disaster, being naked outdoors, burying your favorite pink panties under a tree (the latter a painting title by Takei). This show of new drawings and paintings by both artists is the first time they’ve been paired, but it feels like an uncannily perfect fit, the meeting of people who already know each other. Their artist’s statement is short and ends with an excerpt from Mrs. Dalloway as she’s walking away from a meal, feeling “as if one’s friends were attached to one’s body, after lunching with them, by a thin thread.” (Cullom Gallery, 603 S Main St,, 6–8 pm, free)