Featuring a 3D dick stuck to a cold pole.

As a Harold and Kumar virgin, I came to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas prepared for some nuanced acting and understated plot arcs. Pfft. It’s Harold and Kumar, for fuck’s sake. Even I know that it’s supposed to make you laugh out loud and occasionally cringe. This installment of Harold and Kumar shows our protagonists pushing 30 and reuniting after drifting apart on very different life paths. Harold wears a suit, lives in a house with a white picket fence, and has a sexy wife who wants him to “fuck a baby” into her. Kumar has dropped out of med school, been dumped by his girlfriend, and descended into lonely stoner-dom. Of course, circumstances conspire to bring the former BFFs back together and there are high jinks galore! Major highlights include the return of Neil Patrick Harris as himself and the premiere appearance of the RZA as a Christmas tree salesman. Did I mention that it’s in 3-D? There are 3-D smoke rings, 3-D waffle-making robots, a 3-D baby on cocaine, 3-D Santa gore, a giant 3-D Claymation dick, and in true Christmas spirit, a 3-D dick stuck to a cold pole. This is a movie that knows its purpose. It’s ridiculous and entertaining and I laughed way more and cringed far less than I expected. (And I wasn’t even high.) recommended

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