(What’s Your Rupture)

Kind of like a slightly harder-rocking Sugarcubes, only with saxophone instead of trumpet and no weird Icelandic dude rapping (or really any Icelandic dudes, Love Is All being Swedish), although there is some boy/girl call and response. Oh, and their lead singer is not exactly Björk. Still, this, their sophomore album, is a half hour of pretty invigorating new-wave punk revival (maybe more like a Nordic Romeo Void), overstuffed with hooks even if the adorably accented words (Josephine Olausson's slightly sibilant, smooshed "s"-sounds are the best) don't always stick right away. recommended

Love Is All perform Sun Nov 23, Nectar, 8 pm, $10, 21+. With Vivian Girls, Nodzzz.

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