(Mt. Fuji Records)

Yeow! The motherfucking Whore Moans! They're loud as shit! They curse and scream and shout! Their sophomore album, Hello from the Radio Wasteland, is 13 tracks with as much passion as an evangelical church service—only their wicked god likes whiskey, buzz-saw guitars, sex, and Spencer Moody. On opening track "Nerve Tonic!" Reverend Ryan Devlin breaks it down in sleazy rock-and-roll sermons and performs thrashing, puke-filled exorcisms. The Seattle band nod to soul, blues, and the Murder City Devils, and while not every song is a solid hit ("Hearts and Wires," for example, has no hook) it could save your soul, if what your soul needs is a good sonic ass-kicking. recommended

The Whore Moans perform Sat Nov 22, King Cobra, 9 pm, 21+. With Wild Orchid Children, the Hands.

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