Argo, Blood Red Oranges, Silver Surfer: Thurs March 27, Consolidated Works, 8 pm, $2/$5

Rosie Thomas, Tara Jane O'Neil, Heather Duby, Jen Wood, Amy Blaschke, Andrea Maxand, Arkade: Thurs March 27, Crocodile Cafe, 7 pm, $10

Squad 5-0, Halo Friendlies, guests: Thurs March 27, Graceland, 8 pm, $9

The Enemies, the Voids, Fitz of Depression, MaRk Bruback: Thurs March 27, Showbox, 7 pm, $10

Susie Blue, Captain Rock, the Jolenes, Kleveland, Storm and Balls, Bantam: Thurs March 27, Vera Project, 6 pm, $TBA

Independents Day--Lila, Matt Menovcik: Fri March 28, Aurafice, 8 pm, free

The Briefs, the Hollowpoints, Amazombies, Kill the Precedent: Fri March 28, Catwalk, 7 pm, $7

Sara Dougher, Brandi Carlile, Laura Veirs, Alicia Dara: Fri March 28, Crocodile Cafe, 3 pm, $10

Blue Monday, the Damage Done, Allegiance, Rosary: Fri March 28, Ground Zero (Bellevue), 7 pm, $5

Otha Major, guests: Fri March 28, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

Idlewild: Fri March 28, Sonic Boom Records (Capitol Hill), 6:30 pm, free

Fury 161, Miyadis, Calloused, Expiration Date: Fri March 28, Studio 7, 8 pm, $7

Sicarii, Samus Aran, To See You Broken, Free Verse, Ludicra, Amber Asylum: Fri March 28, Vera Project, 8 pm, $TBA

The Spectres: Sat March 29, Bop Street Records, 8 pm, free

Halou, Black Angel, Tagging Satellites, Spyglass, Carrie Clark: Sat March 29, Crocodile Cafe, 4 pm, $10

Time To Fly, Kane Hodder, the Divorce, the Kid Crash: Sat March 29, Hell's Kitchen (Tacoma), 5 pm, $7

Marvin Glover, Brendan Kempt: Sat March 29, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

The Be Good Tanyas: Sat March 29, Sonic Boom Records (Ballard), 3 pm, free

Eva Tree Trio: Sat March 29, Uncommon Grounds, 9 pm, free

Schoolyard Heroes, Pom Pom Meltdown, Tart, the King Cobra, the Start, DJ Cherry Canoe: Sat March 29, Vera Project, 8 pm, $TBA

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Anna Oxygen, Swastika Girls: Sun March 30, CoCA, 8 pm, $5

Cober, Apocalypsticks, the Peels, Amazombies, the Stuck-Ups, Rotten Apples: Sun March 30, Vera Project, 7 pm, $TBA

Superdrag, Ozma, the Paybacks: Mon March 31, Crocodile Cafe, 6:30 pm, $10

The Anniversary, the Lashes, the Arrivals, Houston: Mon March 31, Graceland, 8 pm, $8

The Graze: Mon March 31, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

The Movielife, Onelinedrawing, Vendetta Red, Static Lullaby: Tues April 1, Graceland, 7 pm, $10

SwITchfoot, Noise Ratchet, Denison Marrs: Wed April 2, Graceland, 8 pm, $14

Guster, guests: Wed April 2, Showbox, 7 pm, $20

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