YVA LAS VEGAS, DJs PECHKIN, B-RAD, ALLBEE: Thurs May 8, 102 1/2 NW 36th St (Fremont), 8 pm, $5

Robin Holcomb, Gust Burns w/Adam Diller: Thurs May 8, Polestar Music Gallery, 9 pm, $8

Ingrid Jensen & Jon Wikan Quartet: Thurs May 8, Seattle Art Museum, 5:30 pm, free

MUDHONEY, THE KING COBRA, PHALANX: Thurs May 8, Showbox, 7pm, $12

Subjekt 2 Change, the Pranks, Stailmate: Fri May 9, Ground Zero (Bellevue), 7 pm, $6

Royale: Fri May 9, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 9:30 pm, free

Daniel Carter, Reuben Radding, Gregg Keplinger: Fri May 9, Polestar Music Gallery, 8 pm, $8

Eva Tree Trio: Fri May 9, Uncommon Grounds, 9 pm, free

Load Levelers, the Braindead, Agony of Deceit: Fri May 9, Vera Project, 8 pm, $8

PROBONO, POORSPORT, DISSONANCE: Fri May 9, Old Fire House, 8 pm, $5

KANE HODDER, TIME TO FLY, SCHOOLYARD HEROES: Sat May 10, the Brick House (Golden Gardens Teen Center), 6:30 pm, $4

Wormwood, Medlar Doss, High Priests of Panic, Lobe: Sat May 10, 2nd Ave Pizza, 7 pm, free

Forgotten Sol: Sat May 10, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips: Sat May 10, Polestar Music Gallery, 8 pm, $10/$12

Bif Naked, Gutbomb: Sat May 10, Studio Seven, 8 pm, $7/$10

Joy Mills Trio: Sat May 10, Uncommon Grounds, 9 pm, free

Nova High School Matinee--the Lilim, Botox Aftermath, Washington State Legislature, Pederast, Johosephat: Sat May 10, Vera Project, 2 pm, $4

FCS North, the Vells, Chromatics, Plastiq phantom: Sat May 10, Vera Project, 8 pm, $7

THE LONG WINTERS SONIC BOOM TOUR: Sat May 10, Capitol Hill store at 2 pm, Fremont store at 4 pm, Ballard store at 6 pm, free

Loudermilk, Visqueen, New American Standard, Common Heroes: Sun May 11, Graceland, 8 pm, $7

Years to Zero, Fly by Night, Pro Bono, Gypsy Cab: Sun May 11, Ballard Firehouse, 6 pm, $8

Paul Fischer Trio: Sun May 11, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 6 pm, free

Sean Philbin, Charles BeenE: Mon May 12, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

Ozma, Earlimart, Slowreader, Tennis Pro: Mon May 12, Studio Seven, 8 pm, $8

THE PALE, THE ESSEX GREEN, INTERNATIONAL FALLS: Tues May 13, Department of Safety (Anacortes), 7:30 pm, $5

Death By Stereo, Western Waste, the Briggs, Sadie Hawkins Rejects: Tues May 13, Graceland, 8 pm, $10

Cognitive Dissidents--Bios+A+Ic, Zapan: Wed May 14, Coffee Messiah, 8 pm, donation requested

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, El Guapo, the Fitness: Wed May 14, Graceland, 8 pm, $8

Evan Parker, Alex von Schlippenbach, Paul Lytton: Wed May 14, Seattle Asian Art Museum, 8 pm, $10/$12

Veracity--Sam and JHerick (of the Dead Science), Roxy and Clark, Andrea Maxand, Ben Verdoes: Wed May 14, Vera Project, 8 pm, free