Bread and Water, Garuda, Skarp, Our Secrets to Our Graves: Thurs Oct 9, 2nd Avenue Pizza, 6 pm, $3

Billy Idol: Thurs Oct 9, Paramount Theatre, 8 pm, $29.50/$49.50

Playing Enemy, Drowning in Lethe, Gods Among Men, Joules: Fri Oct 10, Downtown YMCA, 8 pm, $5

Bands Against Bush--The Divorce, the Fitness, Dressy Bessy, Anna Oxygen, Dead in Hollywood, Kind of Like Spitting, Plan B, Yeek Yak Air force, To See You Broken, Touchdown Eagle, guests: Fri Oct 10, Graceland, 5 pm, $8

Blue Sky Mile, slamDaddy, Namesake for Noise, Venice Love in the Stars: Fri Oct 10, Ground Zero (Bellevue), 7 pm, $6

These Arms Are Snakes, A Brighter Burning End, the Candlelight Opera, T&A: Fri Oct 10, Hell's Kitchen (Tacoma), 7 pm, $7

Sub-Motive, Scarlet Thread, Contra, T.O.P. : Fri Oct 10, Old Fire House (Redmond), 8 pm, $5

Static Lullaby, My Chemical Romance, Vaux, Christiansen: Fri Oct 10, Studio Seven, 7 pm, $8

Eastern Youth, Plain White T's, Jamison/Parker: Fri Oct 10, Vera Project, 8 pm, $7 w/club card, $8 w/o

Eleven State, Turnaround Scene, Improbable Cause: Sat Oct 11, Ballard Firehouse, 6 pm, $8

Take Action Tour--Shadows Fall, Himsa, These Arms Are Snakes, This Day Forward: Sat Oct 11, Graceland, 8 pm, $15

14 Days of Terror, Loved in Minnesota, 5 Good Reasons, 4th and Drive: Sat Oct 11, Ground Zero, 8 pm, $5

Pris, Go Ahead, the Last Great Liar, the Dirty Bomb, Pistol for a Paycheck: Sat Oct 11, Hell's Kitchen (Tacoma), 5 pm, $7

Emery, Straight Line, 3 Inch Max, Orizon: Sat Oct 11, Studio Seven, 8:30 pm, $7

Bands Against Bush--The Red Light Sting, Anna Oxygen, the Prophetics, guests: Sat Oct 11, Vera Project, 8 pm, free

Nile, Kreator, VadEr, Amon Amarth, GoatWhore: Sun Oct 12, Graceland, 8 pm, $22

Bands Against Bush--Young People, Shoplifting, the Dead Science, Joshua Plague: Sun Oct 12, Luscious Studios, 8 pm, $7

Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T., Parenthetical Girls, DJ Maxx Bass: Mon Oct 13, Aftermath Gallery, 8 pm, $5

Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, Moneen: Mon Oct 13, Showbox, 7 pm, $18.50/$20

Sick Of It All, the Unseen, Avenged Seven Fold, Western Waste, GlassEater: Wed Oct 15, Graceland, 6 pm, $12

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