Fri March 12

I might jus' be gettin' a smidge OLD, but this show'll the first damn evenin' in a LONG-assed while 'at I got some kinda 'roused lerb fo' alla the night's selected entertainments. See, I'm gonna start a smoochin' on some no-fi, real Velvety smooth pop whir'o Hotlanta's SUBSONICS, then I figger on puttin' my hands down the front 'o the "are they PAINTED on" tight pants 'o dirgy 'n' deranged locals GIMMICKS--who, by the way, gotta new fo-dee fibe comin' out--AND if'n y'all ask me, OUGHTA play out mo'. Finally, after all the fo'play done, I'm slippin' it to ZEN GUERILLA, who's... uh, load 'o HARD drivin' rhythm 'n' rollin' gotta be SEEN to fuggin' lerbed... uh, even if they name leads us to wanna figger, God ferbid, some don't deserve NO lerbin' "indie" schlock band! Now, I think I need a smoke.

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