For friends as "connected" as we are, you all were painfully silent during my parent's coma and passing. And silent when I lost my pet and another family member within the same week. No cards, no flowers, no calls saying, "How are you? Anything I can do?" The only "friend" who came to the funeral was a high-school teacher. Surrounded by family (thank God), I wanted my friends, too. Writing "so sorry" on my wall didn't cut it; this kind of loss requires something tangible, something personable to soothe the grief. When you feel this loss, only the love of others helps you through.

You were silent because we're young. Your parents didn't teach you how to be kind in times of grief. Social media makes a tweet seem equal to holding someone's hand. You felt unsure of how to reach out, so you didn't at all. The truth I learned is that for a generation that touts our "connectedness," technology deadens our empathy toward each other. So, when you have loss, I will blanket you in the compassion I never knew... I know no one else will be there for you.