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(Num. 35:11-12 King James Version) {11} Then ye shall appoint your cities to be cities of refuge for you; that the slayer may flee thither.... {12} And they shall be unto you cities for refuge from the avenger; that the manslayer die not, until he stand before the congregation in judgment.

One does not have to be a murderer to be a "manslayer." To be a manslayer all one need do is destroy the definition of manhood, and homosexuals are first and foremost manslayers.

Once it meant something to be a man in the United States of America. It was not an easy thing to be a man, nor perhaps was it even a desirable thing, but it was a clearly defined something. Being a man meant being prepared to let the women and children go first, even if being left behind meant death. To be a man meant not only letting the women and children go first, it meant opening the door for them so they would find their way easier.

Homosexuals are the living embodiment of the death of man. This exercise in manslaughter is supported by the huge majority in this generation who do not engage in homosexual acts because homosexuals are the avant garde of the sexual outlaws. Satan's strategy is easy to see once you look: As long as homosexuals are protected from law enforcement, the legions of fornicators and adulterers and other breeds of sexual outlaws can consider themselves safe. Since birds of a feather actually do flock together, the flaming homosexuals provide an early warning system for all the other varieties of sexual outlaws running rampant in this society.

Remember the Bible verse I quoted earlier? Most convicts don't know it, but penitentiaries have always had a "cities of refuge" aspect. Ordinary citizens in a community bereft of effective law enforcement often subdued criminals with the only means at their disposal: lethal force. It was called the law of the jungle. That's why law enforcement officers must rush in to arrest lawbreakers before average citizens take the law into their own hands.

For this reason, God allowing "cities of refuge" was a graceful accommodation for the manslayer. Which brings us to the subject of arresting homosexuals--for their own good. There are reasons homosexuality has been outlawed most everywhere throughout history. Intolerance is not, as we are being conditioned to believe today, always a bad thing. Some things simply cannot be tolerated by people who value life. Laws, prisons, jails, courts, judges, and law enforcement officers are the evidence proving that this society has always refused to tolerate some activities.

Homosexuals have a huge Achilles' heel: They do really disgusting things. To hold up homosexuals as examples of law-abiding citizens, people have to be kept ignorant about what homosexuals actually do to each other. People must never be allowed to think about human beings deriving pleasure from having an arm inserted into their rectums or smearing their mouths with feces. The knowledge of the kind of perversions homosexuals engage in has the power to elicit powerful feelings of disgust in normal people. Such disgust is repressed today because our society has chosen to ignore the fecal facts of the homosexual perversion. In fact, in this first year of the new millennium, conditions seem to be favorable for homosexuals being accommodated by general society once and for all.

But don't bet on it. As soon as we see a hiccup in the economy, or a serious war that threatens the survival of the nation, then, if history is any guide, a new and horrible story will emerge. Just as the homosexuals are being used as the point guards of a new world order of sexual licentiousness, in the face of a major threat to our survival, we will see the homosexual avant garde turned from point guard of the sexual revolution into a sacrifice of appeasement. History will want to turn its face away from the carnage that could descend upon this "rational" and "tolerant" nation in such a time.

In order to avoid such a fate for the homosexuals in our midst, we should immediately start to reverse the licentiousness that inevitably opens the door to the slaughter of homosexuals. The best way to reverse that licentiousness is to restore the laws forbidding homosexual activities. Now are you beginning to understand why we need to arrest homosexuals for their own good?

Neal Horsley is an author, the founder of the Creator's Rights Party, and the publisher of the Nuremberg Files,, and the Christian Gallery news service. He is a heterosexual.