Although Breath Made Visible is about the life and work of an avant-garde dancer, Anna Halprin, it's also about the life and work of an architect, Lawrence Halprin. The architect died late last year, and the dancer is in her late 80s. Despite her great age, Anna is still at it, still moving about, still passionate about her art—the art of movement.

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The architect and the dancer met in the first half of the 20th century; they married and spent the rest of the century in San Francisco. The architect's firm is famous in Seattle for designing Freeway Park, the remarkable bridge over Interstate 5. To understand the dancer's influence on the architect (one of the subjects covered in this documentary) is to better understand this park's successful unification of the urban and the natural, of trees and concrete, of water and traffic. The architect saw his work as a translation of his wife's preoccupation with human movement through, and interaction with, nature.

Ruedi Gerber's documentary offers not only links between the dancer and the architect, but also the story of a person, a woman whose whole life has been about one thing: human movement. Anna could not exist in a world without dancing. Northwest Film Forum, May 7–12 at 7, 9 pm.

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