The director of Seat of Empire—the sprawling, strange, and often wonderful history of Seattle's skyline—has completed a new documentary called Waste of Time, a sprawling, strange, and often wonderful history of American consumerism. Director Shaun Scott has scheduled his premiere, appropriately, on Black Friday, at Healthy Times Fun Club. The show is in the evening, so you have plenty of time to get your holiday shopping done before watching this bold and poetic attack on the consumerism that makes us and the whole world go round and round. Though it covers the wide scope of 20th-century history (the development of marketing, the bombing of Hiroshima, President Carter's crazy call for the renewal of the American soul), the film does not lose sight of Seattle's role in this long and dark development. In one scene, we visit a wasteland (a landfill) outside of King County and enter the ugly belly of our beast, with its black birds, clouds of methane, and dazed wild animals. Altogether, Waste of Time is a great improvement on Seat of Empire. The research is stronger and the poetry more pronounced. And the score is simply stunning (THEESatisfaction have a beat or two in this delicious mix of post-rock, late-jazz, and post-hiphop). The work, which is mostly narrated by Aiko Akers, is at once maddening, courageous, profound, simple, and complex. Scott is not an easy mind to pin down. Healthy Times Fun Club, Fri Nov 26 at 7 pm.