Hilary Harris

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One part of Cancer Rising is Larry Mizell Jr., and Larry Mizell Jr. writes the My Philosophy column for this here paper. For too long, concern over conflict of interest has kept the much-deserving local hiphop act from being Band of the Week. But fuck it. Cancer Rising are definitely worthy of some props with or without a job at The Stranger, especially after their upbeat, spirited performance at last month's Sasquatch! Festival. Their mellow vibes and clever words brought out the sun on an otherwise rainy weekend, and the crowd was constantly throwing their hands up for more anthemic sing-alongs and guest breakdancers. Don't miss 'em delivering more of the goods at this weekend's Georgetown Music Fest.

Cancer Rising play the Georgetown Music Fest Fri June 13, 7:45 pm, Rainier Stage. Log on to The Stranger's Bands Page—www.thestranger.com/bands—to hear them.