Mary Kay Letourneau is negotiating with a bachelorette party over a large inflatable penis. The bride-to-be has been carrying it all evening—it has a string so that it may be slung over the back—and people have signed it with a Sharpie marker. In a moment of crystalline good judgment, Letourneau demurs; the inflatable penis will go about its business without her signature and without appearing in a photograph with her. The bride-to-be in her sparkly novelty veil looks overjoyed nonetheless.

It's purely by chance that the bachelorette party is at Hot for Teacher night at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats in Pioneer Square; they were passing by around 9:00 p.m., saw the television crews, discovered what was going on, and knew instinctively that this was the way to celebrate impending nuptials. Hot for Teacher night, as the club's doormen explained, is hosted by Letourneau; her former student, her reason for imprisonment, and her current husband, Vili Fualaau, is the DJ.

Before Letourneau arrived, the doormen at Fuel reported that the club had received many phone calls warning that all involved were going to hell. "I'm already on my way," said one. "I'd sell my soul if I still owned the rights to it." The doormen called the bachelorette party "beautiful ladies" and signed the inflatable penis gladly.

A lone protester began yelling outside. The TV cameras swarmed; a biker went outside and revved his motorcycle's engine to drown out the protester. The doormen were engulfed in a cloud of exhaust; the sound was like an empty giant blender malfunctioning. The protester left.

Fualaau, aka DJ Headline, took the stage, and a few people snapped photos. He played mashups of songs from the '70s and '80s—Letourneau's youth—and more recent favorites. At one point the lyric "crazy bitch" played on a seemingly eternal loop. Firemen came through on a routine inspection; one professed ignorance of Fualaau's identity. "Well, he has to be 21 to be here," he said. (Fualaau is 25; Letourneau is 47.) "It's not very crowded," he further observed. (The event did not sell out.)

When Letourneau appeared, wearing a black strapless dress, red lipstick, and silver flip-flops, she was lightly mobbed. Everyone wanted a photo of her or with her. She smiled. Later, during an interview in the bathroom, she said Fualaau is also DJing six nights a week at a club called Cloud 9 in Kent; she has to drive him there because he got a DUI. She was entirely pleasant, talkative, seemingly without guile. She signed autographs "Oh happy day." She's stayed out of the limelight until now, but she's happy to do Hot for Teacher night. If it helps Fualaau's DJ career, then, she says, "right on." This is, it appears, something she is doing for love. recommended

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