A sports bar is a place to watch televised sports and drink beer that is not your own living room. Televisions and beer are obviously required; some also maintain that a sports bar must have chicken wings prepared in the style of the city of Buffalo, New York.

Regarding televisions: A sports bar with its walls completely tiled in TVs would be the best sports bar of all, because of all the sports, right? Wrong, sir or madam. A sports bar should have enough televisions that you may easily view your game of choice without getting any kind of crick in your neck, yet each television should have a television-free visual margin around itself, so that you may concentrate on your game of choice without distraction or inflammation of any ADHD tendencies. Or so goes the sports-bar television rule according to one sports-bar fan found recently at Auto Battery, Seattle's newest sports bar.

Auto Battery is brought to you by the people of Po Dog, and it's situated in a former auto battery shop next to Po Dog. The Po Dog people have been doing some astute analysis of market conditions: First they filled Capitol Hill's upscale-wiener void (same with the U-District's, with another Po Dog on the Ave); now they have provided the neighborhood with a place to, at last, collectively watch sports and drink beer. The ratio of wall-to-television at Auto Battery was judged to be very good by the sports-bar fan; the sight lines were pronounced "excellent." (The sports-bar fan sportingly tested different seats all around the room in order to make this pronouncement. An unrelated observation: The Mariners are playing like excrement.) Also optimal: Auto Battery's large number of electrical outlets, as more and more fans bring their laptops to keep up with online coverage of whatever they're watching, or their fantasy league, or something. Outlets are good; Auto Battery's got lots.

Auto Battery has a not-too-overt auto-shop theme—an old gas can for a tip jar, a pegboard wall with tools hanging (mostly for show, though one screwdriver has been used on the espresso machine). Cocktails have names like the Tire Iron and Antifreeze; ingredients include Absolut flavored vodkas and energy drinks (infusions, house-made bitters, and so forth are not, apparently, where a sports bar's at). If you want to do a thing instead of watch a thing, Auto Battery has free shuffleboard. If you want to feel like you haven't been in a cave even though you watched sports on TV all day, Auto Battery's entire front side is windowed roll-up garage door, which helps.

Currently, Auto Battery serves only the Po Dog menu, but there are plans to expand. A suggestion from a sports-bar fan: wings. recommended