Fresh fruit drinks taste best when muddled; it extracts flavor from the fruit and cools the drink down. A muddler looks like a larger wooden version of a pestle, and can be purchased at most restaurant supply stores. However, there's a downside to muddling. If you don't carefully wash the fruit, you and your guests will be busy drinking the chemical residue and dirt that sticks to the waxy rinds. So if you're muddling, wash the fruit. To muddle, fill a pint glass almost half way with ice, a few fruit slices, and a splash of soda or 7UP. Hold the muddler with one hand, cover the glass as best you can with the other, and smash the shit out of the contents of the pint glass. Then add more ice and make the rest of your drink. Once you've poured in all the other ingredients, place the mixing steel or larger plastic cup over the pint glass and give it a good shake. Tap the heel of your hand against the larger steel or cup and it'll separate from the pint glass. Serve on the rocks or strain. You might want to practice with ice cubes in water a few times (so you won't inadvertently drench yourself or others) before showing off for your friends, but rest assured--they WILL be impressed. Besides, why should bartenders have all the fun?