Every enlightened Seattleite should know this, but to reiterate: KJ Sawka play live drum 'n' bass powered by the phenomenally dexterous drummer Kevin Sawka. You have to see this quicksilver rhythm demon to believe him—and then you're still awestruck afterward. Sawka's band complements the dramatically dynamic beats with memorable melodies and sensual textures. Emilia is a New Orleans transplant who pours vocal honey over sophisticated breakbeat-oriented compositions. Her band includes Sawka, keyboardist Kent Halvorsen, and guitarist Michael Queyrouze. Emilia's TJ Rehmi—produced album, Burning in the Sun, is coming out this year on 5 Point Records. With Dabouge. Nectar, 412 N 36th St, 632-2020, 9 pm—2 am, $6, 21+.



The local rhythm rowdies in the Shameless posse will be wrecking shop for this month's edition of Krakt, Seattle's heavyweight champ of techno nights. Local duo Tekgnosis bring the acidic techno jams that make you feel all is left with the world. Fellow Seattleite Justin Byrnes explores techno in 3-D: deep, dark, and dubby. With Kristina Childs, DJ Recess. Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, 233-9873, 10 pm—3 am, $5, 21+.


LawnChair Generals (Carlos Mendoza and Peter Christianson) are to Seattle house music what Kinski are to this city's rock scene: talented veterans who've earned international acclaim, yet, paradoxically, are almost taken for granted in their hometown despite having renowned DJs like Heather, Doc Martin, and Hipp-E & Halo caning LCG tracks in their sets. It's doubtful you could pick Mendoza and Christianson out of a lineup. With Ramiro & Derrick Gutierrez and Jeromy Nail. Neumo's, 925 E Pike St, 709-9467, 10 pm—2 am, $7 before 11 pm, $10 after, 21+.

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One of Britain's—and therefore the world's—foremost drum 'n' bass DJs checks into the 206 once again to school fools on the genre's niceties and not-so-niceties. The Manchester-based Intalex says, "I believe in pushin a sound that is fwd thinkin and energetic but always with a great sense of groove and a touch of soul" [sic(k)]. War Room, 722 E Pike St, 328-7666, 9 pm—2 am, 21+.