It's the kind of DJ name that comes to you after your seventh Dead Nazi shot or fifth toot of blow. Except DJ Fucking in the Streets (Seattle's Eric Grandy) calculatedly selected the moniker, and not just for shock value.

"I'm a big fan of radicals like the Situationists and the SDS, and when I decided to start DJing, it seemed like a fun name that would get people's attention," Grandy says.

DJ FITS spins a much more, uh, cultured brand of party tracks than his raunchy handle would indicate, but nothing too up its own ass. Grandy's nom de wax stems from the White Panther Party's slogan, popularized by MC5 manager John Sinclair: "Dope, guns, and...." That litany fizzled as a recipe for revolution, but it's an idea that still appeals to unconventional individuals such as Grandy.

Now 24, Grandy attended all-ages punk/hardcore shows while growing up in Seattle. "I've always considered myself to be a part of that community or scene," he says, "and I think its aesthetics and ideals inform a lot of what I try to do as a DJ--like playing with bands, or doing house parties, or just trying to play music that has punk's spirit."

Grandy started DJing last spring after tiring of hitting parties with no music or dancing. He built much of his collection from a disgruntled record-store-clerk friend's largesse. "I used to go to these amazing house parties at the 13th Street House, where Frankie Chan and my friend Ian used to DJ, and I was just blown away by these great parties with all different kinds of people dancing until the cops showed up."

Now graduated to club gigs, DJ FITS recently spun a fine set at Chop Suey, ranging from early-'80s electro to the Rapture's "Sister Savior" to Dizzee Rascal to Two Lone Swordsmen's cover of Gun Club's "Sex Beat." Chromeo, Interpol, and !!! are also favorites.

"I try to play whatever will get people dancing, of course," Grandy says, "but my favorite stuff is dance music being made by artists that are on independents--everything from Gold Chains and Kid606 to !!! and Chinese Stars. I like a lot of old Britpop and new wave, because people at parties will dance and sing along. I like the more 'electro' stuff for the club, and I like a lot of the so-called 'dance-punk' bands, like Erase Errata and their older influences like Gang of Four and A Certain Ratio."

Grandy's highest-profile gig is the Comeback monthly. "The idea was basically to do a night that has that crazy house-party feel, where all the gays and the rock kids [mix and have] a good time. We've had Fankick come perform at the last few, there are animal costumes, and people get dressed up for it. Gay City once sent a guy in a giant penis costume. Comeback's trashy, fun, and unpredictable; everyone has a good time and, most importantly, people fucking dance." DAVE SEGAL

Comeback with MC Chompers, Colby B, DJ Porq. Fri Aug 27 at Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 9 pm-2 am, 21+, free before 10 pm, $5 after.

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