She's magical. Kelly O

BenDeLaCreme is drag's answer to the question everyone was too tipsy to ask: Can another queen from Seattle win it all? Of course she can. Haven't you been paying attention? And if you haven't... look away! Shield your eyes! THIS ARTICLE IS NOT FOR YOU. What's that? You have been watching? Well, good, we can talk about this. Because, Christ on a cheesecake, we need to talk about this. As you know, everything's coming up BenDeLa: She won Snatch Game this week, the very same contest that catapulted Jinkx Monsoon to glory last year (Snatch Game is RuPaul's reimagining of the '60s game show Match Game), and, in the same episode, pulled off a brilliant RuPaul imitation and had a moment in the confessional that had me in tears, talking about the death of her mother.

With the amount of attention she's getting from the cameras and the number of challenges she's winning, Ms. DeLaCreme's easily the pretty-much-front-runner on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6. She has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent (C U Next Tuesday!) essential to a successful RPDR queen, plus also the production values, brains, skill, will, spiky black hair (woof), glue gun, and moxie of a true and bona fide drag thuperthtar. But what are her funniest fucking moments on the show? Or her funniest moments, at least—there's sadly been far too little fucking for my taste. In completely reverse order, just for shits and giggles, here are Ben's most memorable moments on the show to date. Shall we?

Sixth Most Memorable Moment: The Total Destruction of Magnolia Crawford

This happened early on—in episode two—and didn't technically happen to BenDeLaCreme. We were introduced to some upstartish little tart calling herself Magnolia Crawford. Right off the bat, she made the OUTRAGEOUS and ABSURD and RIDICULOUS claim that she was "Seattle's SEXIEST drag queen," which she then quickly amended to "Seattle's FUNNIEST drag queen," to which I say, HA! A PACK OF FILTHY LIES! She may have dipped her dainty little toe into Seattle's sweet drag waters for a nanosecond (she did a drag brunch in West Seattle for a hot minute or something, but now I hear she lives in, like, Fresno with her mama), but allow me to assure you: Magnolia Crawford ain't "Seattle's Nothingest Nothin' About Nothin'." Ben is clearly Seattle's sexiest drag queen and always has been—the face, the body, the hair. This Magnolia person was trying to steal Ben's thunder, and for her gall, she was kicked the hell off in episode two. The moment she was compelled to sashay the fuck away was a tremendous victory for the only real and for true Season 6 Seattle queen.

Fifth Most Memorable Moment: The Whole Cheesecake Thing

Remember the very first episode, when Ben­DeLaCreme WON THE GODDAMN THING? Boom! I remember it like it was five weeks ago. The queens were tasked with making fabulous runway couture relating to TV shows from the junk they found in boxes. OH! How the gay gods were smiling: Ben got the Golden Girls box, and she KILLED IT DEAD in an amazing, flashy, tight ensemble that she claims to have whipped together with nothing but "a glue gun and a sense of hope." She even had an actual slice of very Golden Girls–y cheesecake, which I am fairly certain could not have been in that box of junk. She's magical.

Fourth Most Memorable Moment: Suffering Shade

In episode three, both groups of girls finally met and mingled for the first time. This was when that evil snatchola Trinity K. Bonet made the absurd but quite memorable assertion that Ben "looked like the Hamburglar's wife." Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Bitch.

Third Most Memorable Moment: Ben Tops a Big Girl

The mini-challenge of this episode was a photo shoot in a big sandbox set up to look like a beach. The queens split into pairs and shared bodies—one played torso, one played legs—so that they looked like one person, then they had to lip-synch to RuPaul's "Click Clack (Make Dat Money)" and dance as much as humanly possible. Our girl Ben teamed up with plus-sized princess Darienne Lake, and the overall effect of their shared body was HILARIOUS, with Ben voguing and mugging up top, Darienne's plump little legs flailing and crossing in the air.

Second Most Memorable Moment: Ben Gets Hot

Way back in episode one, during the first of those fussy work-studio scenes, when we found all of the queens out of drag and working on their couture, we got to experience what is definitely the Second Most Memorable DeLaCreme Moment—Ben as a real boy! Oh, yes! Here's the thing. As a woman, Ben is consummately beautiful, sparkly, delightful. But as a boy? He's all spiky-haired and deep-voiced and grrrrr WOOF! WOOF! Ben is sexy, and now we know it.

Most Memorable Moment So Far: Being Maggie Smith

Last year, Jinkx Monsoon brilliantly portrayed Little Edie Beale on Snatch Game and won the shit out of the whole shebang. This year, Ben did a completely unexpected—and unexpectedly hilarious—Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess. Who could possibly make the ol' Dowager Countess balls-out, crap-yourself-to-death funny? Our girl Ben, naturally. Like one of those reenactment period actors, she denied any knowledge of modern technology whatsoever and had everyone howling with her Downton Abbey quips, delivered through a stiff upper lip—even the people who've never watched the damn thing, I suspect. (Can you imagine such a thing?!) Like Jinkx before her, she milked the laughs and took the game, gathering steam to launch her toward what I suspect more every moment to be her inevitable Season 6 victory! Fingers crossed. (GO! BEN! GO! BEN!) recommended

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