Self-promotion will get you everywhere. Or at least it'll get you four to five shows a month at Sit & Spin and the Central--as well as the title of "Best Band Advertiser" in The Stranger. Seattle act M-Set have been together for over five years and have been smartly placing ads in The Stranger for half their existence as a tongue-in-cheek rock band. The four musicians are all about helping themselves get an edge over the other local tongue-in-cheek rock bands by taking out ads, building a website, giving themselves nicknames like "Noodles" and "Huge," and printing pictures of themselves in our paper eating and smelling some kind of Popsicle-like substance. The self-proclaimed "relentless self-promoters" (who wanted us to add that they have a show August 3 at Sit & Spin) say they come up with catchy ad taglines like, "Quirky, aggressive pop to corrupt the innocent," by keeping the "creative" juices flowing: "Whenever we need a slogan, we all get together with a bottle of Jägermeister, a box of Alpha-Bits, and a bong," says frontman Scott "Scojo" Elnes. "We smoke the Jäger, drink the bong water, and read the letters of the Alpha-Bits in our puke to see what our slogan will be."