4006 University Way NE
Back when The Stranger was but an eight-page trash-pamphlet of fart jokes and feminist haiku, the College Inn Pub did its part to keep us afloat. As one of our very first advertisers, the good folks at College Inn saw the glimmer of promise hidden within our hilariously inept first issues. Over the years, The Stranger has grown in size and, some would say, ego. But the College Inn Pub has stayed miraculously the same. Located smack at the bottom of the Ave, it remains one of Seattle's best places to get blotto. Thank you, College Inn--without you, there would be no us.

Runner Up:
5030 Roosevelt Way NE

It doesn't take a movie nerd to realize that Scarecrow is the world's greatest video store--you need only look to the arranged-by-director section, the huge selection of DVDs, the imports, the out-of-print catalog, the helpful, knowledgeable staff, and the candy on the counter. Even the 1999 change in ownership didn't diminish Scarecrow's luster. The fact that Scarecrow used to advertise in The Stranger back when we were no bigger than the Seven Gables' calendar only adds to our awe and admiration.