Christian French
EVENT: Transparence at Nico Gallery (619 Western Ave, second floor, 264-1710), through March 29; closing reception Thurs March 29, 6-10 pm.

How do you think the earthquake will affect the art world? Will there be a new art based on destruction?

"The ultimate prediction is that there will be a lot of work with cracks in it, or with pieces missing, or fractures--and I think there will be a whole response to this breakage. I wish I had a space for a broken show. That comes out of this idea that I've been working with: to take a picture of something and then destroy it and then take another picture. But it requires a lot of temerity on my part to actually destroy something that's perfectly usable, and so whenever something breaks while I'm doing the dishes I save it, and a partner, to falsify the process. When all those bottles broke on my porch, I saved them to play with, either reassembling them in a sort of buglike fashion so there's nothing of the original form necessarily preserved, or the other impetus is to try to reassemble them the way you do archaeologically, so that there are pieces missing, but they're put back together suggesting the original form. I've also been envisioning doing photographs of bottles printed on glass, and also making negatives on glass and printing from those negatives onto paper. And then doing a series where there are five prints, and for the sixth print I'd smash the plate so the sixth would ultimately be the final print, the one that had the fractures in the print."

Have you heard about that artist who's cataloging everything he owns and then destroying it?

"I have heard about him. In fact, I've been thinking of doing a show of objects slated for destruction... working with that process of taking a picture of something, recognizing it, identifying it, commemorating it. Recognizing the artistic vision as also being something that destroys, the artistic vision as kiss of death."

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