Doughnut Makers
Daily Dozen Donut Company

93 Pike St #7 (Pike Place Market), 467-7769.

While the general population goes apeshit over Krispy Kreme's confections, locals in the know head to the Daily Dozen for compulsively munchable, simply dressed delights (plain, powdered, cinnamon, or chocolate with sprinkles). The highly efficient crew behind the fryer is funny, friendly, and surprisingly unflustered by the stand's endless lines of customers.

The tourists down here must be maddening. How do you fight the urge to punch people or drop small children into the fryer? KYLE: "If you're working down here, you automatically know it's a tourist mecca. You know that you're going to be dealing with a lot of people who don't have brains. You get used to it." ELI: "It's not even the children, really--it's their parents. You just have to deal with it and get them out of your face as soon as possible if they're annoying. And you can kind of giggle inside when people are rude because they're eating doughnuts. I'm kind of assisting with their unhealthy self-destruction."

Have you worked in other places in the Market? KYLE: "Yes--I used to work at the crepe stand right [next to] us and at the spice store downstairs. I've been in the Market for about three years now." ELI: "Yeah, I worked over at Market Spice for a while."

And how does the work environment here compare? KYLE: "I love it. The doughnut stand is one of the pillars in the Market. The two women who own this place are the best." ELI: "At the spice store we had a billion spices, and a billion questions to answer. This is much better, and our boss is the best lady in the world. She knows it's you against them--if people are assholes, then you're an asshole back. If someone's deliberately being rude, then you don't have to put up with it. It's not like she's encouraging us to say 'fuck off,' but she understands the realities; the volume of business and the nature of the customers."

Do you still like doughnuts? KYLE: "Hell no. After you've put one of those big blocks of shortening in the fryer, you don't want to eat them anymore." ELI: "Not anymore. I liked them okay before--and they are good--I remember them being good before. But now they just taste the way the grease smells. That's the downside."

Interview by Hannah Levin

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