456 12th Ave, 320-8208

Located in downtown Little Addis Ababa (which is the corner of 12th and Jefferson), the BLUE NILE CAF: & RESTAURANT has a small and well-stocked bar that seems to reflect the expression or mood Afro Blue. African men with modern hair and sophisticated jackets sit around debating the only thing that matters to Africans: politics. But the most interesting thing about the bar is found on a large banner that hangs next to the front door and advertises Heineken beer. In the white space next to the delicious image of the cold, green bottle, these words are written with a black marker: "Happy Ethiopians New Year. We Ethiopians always remember you on our New Years, Sept 11. $3.00 for liquor...." How wonderful it is that the world has no meaning at all. CHARLES MUDEDE

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