Joshua Gabriel
Josh is the drummer for the Ruby Doe, who will be ready to put some loving metal up your ass at the Crocodile's "Indie Rock Valentine II: The Metal Years" on Thurs Feb 14. Now that's my kind of romance!

Any spring tour plans? What's going on with that record of yours?

"We're really looking forward to getting out on the road again, especially the East Coast. Um, what I meant to say is, 'Get me out from behind this fucking desk and on the road--now, dammit!' Right now we're still in mourning for our recently deceased '77 Ford Chateau, but once we find the strength and courage to move on, more people outside of the Northwest will hear us. The record is coming out soon on Up Records."

Can you explain why this is being referred to as the "metal years" Valentine's show? Tell me this doesn't mean a night of monster ballads....

"Well, I've heard the Croc is putting on this Valentine's metal show to give young lovers a safe and nurturing environment to get really drunk and fight all night long. What's more metal than that? No monster ballads planned--although a power ballad isn't out of the question."

Who would you rather have show up at a Ruby Doe show: Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, or Angus Young?

"Personally, I'd say it would have to be Angus."


"Ozzy's too fucking played out to be in the running, and Rob is too much of a self-professed 'Metal God' to even show up. I think Angus would not only show up, but he would be the best to connect with and could appreciate what we are trying to do as a band."

Interview by Hannah Levin

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