One of three MCs of Seattle's the Subdwellers.

EVENT: The Subdwellers play the Rocksport on Sat Nov 25.

I heard "Suffocation" off of the Cream of the Drop compilation, but that was without the band. There's also drums--

"Drums, a bass, and a guitar."

How much of the digital stuff do you perform--do you bring turntables on stage?


So there are two Subdwellers--a studio Subdwellers and a live Subdwellers?

"It can be kind of weird; half the people like the digital stuff and half like the live band more. So we get feedback on both sides. But we never perform any of the digital songs on a digital format."

So along the lines of "two Subdwellers," I read that you've gained quite a reputation on the University of Washington and Washington State campuses as the best party band.

"I guess, yeah.... We're pretty much on that vibe: just have fun, get together, and have a good time. The Wazzu shows are extra fun because the alcohol is right where the stage is, so everybody's there. But at the U-Dub they have to be at separate rooms."

I didn't know that.

"The DJ too. The DJ is usually downstairs, the band will be at ground level, and the alcohol will be upstairs. The performers hate it because as the show goes on, [the room] will fill up when everybody's liquored up. But at the beginning, everybody will sit and watch for a while, then one by one they'll trickle out to get drunk, then come back downstairs."

So would you say you almost have more fun just rockin' these frat parties than playing at a club or opening big concerts?

"Well, my personal favorite is a small [club]. I mean, opening for Run-D.M.C. was great because it was the Arena, you know, just looking out over all those people. And the bar scenes can be fun.... But me personally, I like the small venues. The band usually likes the frat parties, though--the party atmosphere."

Would you say that all the MCs like the clubs more?

"Yeah, I would say they like the clubs more, they're not hype on party'n down. They're like married; they've got the long-term girlfriends."