Meyer Koughski
Unpublished author

"November is about the death of my stepfather Stan and a reunion I had with an ex-girlfriend. It describes the golden light of love and the black tar of fear that surrounds it. And also how everything's okay as soon as it's over."

You write a lot about writing. Why? "Because it's fucked up."

Is your work embarrassingly autobiographical? "I have no interest in categorizing my work--or in editing."

Is writing salvation? "Nothing by itself is salvation."

What do you really think about women? "I think everything about women."

"Our pain due not to the structure of things but instead our own incompetence." Is god good? "God is."

Who are your influences? "Krishnamurti, Lee Scratch Perry, Sade, Ikkyu, the Wu-Tang Clan, sunshine, Henry Miller, Basquiat, and all my friends and family. I have a lot of influences."

Complete this sentence: "I would give up ____ for writing." "Pussy, cigarettes, alcohol, shitty food, self-hatred, safety, boredom, and stifling relationships. Writing too--more than all the others combined."

Why did you write a book? "It asked."

If this one is not published will you write another one? "I write a lot."

I felt that you write as if the very next moment, the next word or so, you are going break apart, collapse, fail. It's all existential. Did I get the wrong impression? "That's a good impression."

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