Mod's Night Out w/DJ SuperJew
a.k.a. Marianne Goldin

EVENT: A night of "catchy theatrical eye candy, a vintage fashion showcase, wall projections, drink specials, live bands, and pop art," every Monday, 9 pm-1:30 am, at Habana's.

Do you DJ anywhere else beside Habana's? "At this time, no. I only DJ at Habana's on Mondays for Mod's Night Out, which is a kind of swinging, Carnaby Street, tastefully presented, mid-'60s go-go revue. Handsome Tyrone and I (we run Pleasure Pod Productions) are both loyal followers of the modernist scene of London at that time, and we hope Mod's Night Out will bring back some zest to the society set of Seattle."

"Handsome Tyrone"? "My business partner. Rather eponymous in this city. More of an entity than a person. A living catalyst for action."

You say there's a "society set" in Seattle? "Yes, there is a remnant of one, but I feel that fresh blood can always be added to old blood. It seems most of the people that would appreciate our night and my music are afraid to step outside the door for fear of being mauled by an Engelbert Humperdinck fan."

The music you play is loyal to that time? "Yes, I would say it is. That is my one gimmick as DJ. All of my vinyl is mostly the authentic '60s brassy pop and garage. I'm mostly fond of go-go, particularly Nancy Sinatra and Shirley Bassey. Also, I play a lot of the pure mod rock, such as the Creation, the Action, and the Young Rascals. I have also been known to play the black sheep of that era by spinning Tom Jones covers."

I heard a rumor that you play Brazilian pop. "It's true. I'm also guilty of playing 'Spanish Flea,' which is, incidentally, the theme song to The Newlywed Game."

Your DJ name? "Well, I try to exploit myself before anybody else does. I got the name from a handmade T-shirt I saw on Broadway and thought it was congruent with my self-exploitation philosophy."

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