Karn Junkinsmith
EVENT: She's doing a new piece in Under Construction at Velocity.

What's your piece about? "It's about snow."

How do you articulate snow? "The hexagon, the six points--it's abstracted--we're not wearing tiaras and we're not sprinkling confetti from the ceiling. I came across a book by William Bently; he spent his life taking pictures of snow crystals--this book has over 2,000 plates of actual snow crystals. And I like to look at it. It seemed like the pursuit of taking pictures of snow crystals was similar to making dances. I have seven dancers--an extra one, in case somebody melts. The snow piece will be a work in progress; I'll be doing a concert June 14-17 in the Chamber Theatre. By then the snow piece will be more snowy--more fully realized."

You're doing this mid-summer to cool everyone off? "Snow is timely in any season"

Did our recent snowfall delight you? "It did!"

Did you make a snowman? "I made, actually, a snowgirl with pigtails made out of fir branches."

Any snowball fights? "Definitely. I was fighting with my four-year-old daughter Gemma and my 10-year-old daughter Willa."

Are they good shots? "Yes. I got some snow down my neck. It was a particular kind of snow--that spring snow is really wet."

Were you raised in snowy climes? "Yes, I grew up in New England. Massachusetts and Maine, mainly. In 1988 or '89, there was a huge snowstorm and I made a gigantic snowwoman and I made her very pregnant, and the next year I was very pregnant--so watch out what you build."

What are your costumes like?

"They're white. I'm making them right now and I'm using different sheer materials. I would like to create the visual effect of snow to a certain degree. White may not be right--I may need to have some other colors in there. I really wanted to use some lace, but I don't see how I can avoid it looking like Victoria's Secret, so we're scratching that idea."