Dear Condom-Chewing Idiot,

If the new fucked-up trend in Seattle is now calling "I'm not allowing you to give me AIDS" a "hang-up," it's time for women to seriously reassess having sex with any man in this city. In fact, for any man in Seattle who actually buys into this idea, it ought to be legal to sell his dumb ass to medical science. The author of December 4's I, Anonymous actually called protected sex a lack of closeness. A lack of closeness? It's her right to decide not to be "close" to his sperm, which could be infected with who knows what, and carries the DNA with the potential for some very retarded children. If that nasty bastard needs to swap bodily fluids with an unwilling partner, he has a couple of "hang-ups" of his own to face. What he did essentially amounts to rape, as he forced a sexual act (unprotected sex) upon a non-consenting partner, and that sick little fuck ought to know that rapists get theirs in prison. And guess what? Inmates don't use condoms either. How good is that going to feel?