Here is Nietzsche's great contribution to philosophy. For him, the thrown dice, the dice heading to the wall, are the dice of becoming—life as pure chaos, pure chance. The dice that are returning, that have hit the wall, however, are the dice of being, because they have within their chaos, their scrambled flight, the number that will appear when they've settled. Nietzsche writes: "The dice that fall back necessarily affirm the number or the destiny that brings the dice back." But Nietzsche's most profound insight, and one that unifies the two aspects of existence that seem irreconcilable: being and becoming, fixed and in flux, Plato's form and Bergson's creative evolution, is that the returning dice are also the "return of the first moment, the repetition of the dice throw, the reproduction and reaffirmation of chance itself." Todd Simeone's dice, which are implied dice—we recognize them from their dots and nothing else—might be going, might be coming back, might even have settled. What we see is the moment of "chance itself."

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