"Nothing says White Art World like Brad Adkins's Black Boyfriend," or so I said last week on Slog, The Stranger's blog. Commenter jns responded quickly: "i don't get it." I wrote, "What I meant was it's a white thing to say. In white letters. Whitevoice." Commenter 34x42 joined in: "i've seen more interesting work from first year students. what exactly do you like about this?" Me: "Did I say I like it?" Enter a commenter named "More interesting than a big blue square," who wrote, "Now I'm curious about what you don't like about it. Obviously it's no revelation that many whites view hanging with blacks as a status symbol, but I think this piece is provocative in that it's not really a topic that anyone ever discusses beyond dropping lines about how their 'boyfriend is black...' or how they grew up in a mixed (read: 'cool' or 'tough') neighborhood. I think it's the kind of good in-your-face piece that can lead to some interesting conversations." Then commenter brian asked, "Is it wrong that I'd consider hanging that above my bed?" recommended

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