The best Bloody Mary in Seattle—and probably in the entire world—is at the new Ballard barbecue spot Bitterroot. They don’t mind telling the ingredients; unless you have a smoker, you cannot replicate it. Ready? Pureed house-smoked tomatoes mixed 50-50 with tomato juice, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire, grated horseradish, celery and kosher salt, black pepper, crushed-up dried thyme, Spanish paprika, and Tabasco. Add a six-hour-smoked-salt rim, then pickled okra, radish, cauliflower, jalapeño, and/or carrot for garnish, plus a meat treat—maybe kangaroo or maple-bacon jerky. Kelly O, regarding the results: “HOLY MOLY.” (Bitterroot, 5239 Ballard Ave NW, 588-1577, 11 am–2 am, $9)

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