You'd think it's years too late to make a Napoleon Dynamite-esque flick, but while The Sasquatch Gang obviously found inspiration in the dry-humored, awkward hit of 2004, it also has enough charm (and an actual plot) to stand on its own. The Sasquatch Gang is about a group of teenagers (and a couple twenty-somethings): Some like mystical sword fighting, some have mullets and enjoy corndogs, and one girl has a eating complex so overwhelming that she gets her mouth wired shut. The town nerds find evidence of a Sasquatch in the woods, and a bet is made with the town bullies on whether or not the tracks are real. They call in an expert (a Sasquatch-obsessed weirdo), they play laser tag, and they kiss. Oooooh!

None of Sasquatch Gang's one-liners will make it on to a t-shirt (probably), but that doesn't mean you won't recite them endlessly to friends for a week or so. "Get off me, Ewok!" "You need to get a battleaxe, I think you'll wield it well because your midsection's built like a tree trunk." "Well, I better go. My mom thinks I'm at the pet store lookin' at the kittens." "Ten more nuggets of sleep..." "No more nuggets of sleep!" "No, my manboob stings!" "This is America, that ain't supposed to happen. It's not frickin' China or whatever."

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It may be a few years too late to take advantage of the Napoleon Dynamite hype, but perhaps it just took that long to successfully (and hilariously) pay tribute to it without ripping it off.