You would have to be some kind of a monster to hate on this movie; it features frolicking baby elephants pausing from play only long enough to drink from giant bottles of milk, orphaned baby animals learning to trust humans again, and a wheelbarrow full of baby orangutans. If those images—I repeat, a motherfucking wheelbarrow full of baby orangutans—don’t trigger some sort of primal delight in your brain, you’re frankly better off dead.

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Born to Be Wild tells the story of two animal orphanages: a home for baby orangutans whose mothers were killed for trespassing on palm oil plantations, and a refuge for elephants left orphaned by poachers. It takes place in lush, gorgeous jungles in Indonesia and Kenya and other places where Barack Obama was born. The IMAX 3-D effects are mind-bogglingly good (at the screening I attended, children couldn’t restrain themselves from reaching into the air to pet the rumps of baby elephants that appeared to be floating a few inches away from their faces). And Morgan Freeman’s lullaby narration could have segued to a description of partial-birth abortion from a fundamentalist Christian perspective while still inspiring well-being and comfort in his audience.

But you say you want me to complain? All right: It’s only 40 minutes long, and the script could stand to give the audience a little more detail about the process of releasing the babies back into the wild. And we could always use more footage of baby orangutans gamboling about. Aside from that, it’s a big bucket of squeeeee!, with a reasonable side portion of environmental conscience. recommended

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