Alex has a beard and sings depressing acoustic guitar songs for disabled children while dressed in a pink moose suit, until he punches one of them in the face. Should I go on?

Alex has been underdogging his whole life by way of being a sad-eyed musician. He works a mediocre office job with some real jerks and has the weight of the indie-rock world on his medium-sized shoulders. I don't even have to tell you that he gets fired, but here I am, telling you that. OH! And his girlfriend just dumped him. Of course! What could happen now? Zany dude friend with a plan so crazy it just might whatever? Prickly pretty lady who is obviously going to French him as soon as she stops "sarcastically hating" him? HOW ABOUT BOTH?

Jim is a children's-instrument-playing stranger who pulls the old "let's wrestle and therefore bond" move on Alex and tells him they need to go on tour as a duo. Alex says no but then says YES, and they hit the road in a tiny crouton car!

Sweetly unremarkable songs are written on the way to the first gig (just like that), where they meet a sour beauty named Cassidy who doesn't like what she sees but just might be willing to take a chance on the Brooklyn Brothers. Actual line: "I should be shot in the FACE for thinking this, but I'm morbidly curious to hear what you guys sound like." WHOA HO HO. Don't worry, though, three seconds later, she's softened up and is like, "Hey, fuckheads, I'm coming with you." OF COURSE.

The Brooklyn Brothers' live shows go really well—everyone from the Southern fraternity (okay, they were actually funny) to the goth crowd thinks these guys are pretty all right. Whenever they start playing their earnest jingly snoozegaze songs, the universe (and being in a band, and finding love again, and figuring out your family life) just makes sense.

Really, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best is a fine tweeché (twee + cliché! Proud of that one!) take on a never-believable formula—a Wes Anderson sprinkle here, a Judd Apatow twist there, and the same exact script as Coyote Ugly (without the bartender strippers or John Goodman). recommended

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