Ian Bell’s well-loved Brown Derby project is a series of intentionally high-speed train-crash readings of iconic film scripts in the boozy, glitter-and-duct-tape glamour of Re-bar. Tonight, Bell and his merry crew will shipwreck Titanic with Scott Shoemaker as Leonardo DiCaprio, Imogen Love as Kate Winslet, and Paula Deen as “the unsinkable Molly Brown.” (Note to attorneys: not literally Paula Deen.) Will Winslet shoot ping-pong balls at DiCaprio’s face while he sketches her in the nude? Will someone’s heart go on (and on and on)? Who will play the iceberg? There’s only one way to find out! (Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, brownderbyseries.org, 8 pm, $18, 21+, Aug 22-24)

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Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.