Changes in the weather, changes in the scene. Seems like everyone in club land is shaking off their SAD, since the last few weeks have seen the usual trickle of comings and goings turn into a flood.

Things are still a bit up in the air after booker Colin Johnson's dismissal from Chop Suey [See Fucking in the Streets, June 7]. While Johnson isn't mentioned in the announcement, the bimonthly Sing Sing is moving out of Chop Suey and over to the War Room starting July 6. With Chromeo, Flosstradamus, and Tittsworth on upcoming bills, looks like the Death of the Party contingent is going to adjust to the venue change without missing a beat. Johnson has landed on his feet as well, taking on booking duties over at Nectar.

Further uncertainty shadows Broken Disco. The über-monthly has fallen just short of selling out Chop Suey in its three varied installments, but that might not be enough to sustain it. The night is already booked through September (the Field/Kooky Scientist in July, King Britt/John Arnold in August, and an exciting secret for techno fans in September), but with all of the changes—and, at least for now, the loss of Chop Suey as partner for the night—it's unclear what the future holds. Let's hope they work this one out. Chop Suey, that "they" includes you. There are other venues that would love a monthly that can pull in hundreds of dancing, drinking bodies—so step up!

One of Broken Disco's partners, Shameless, is stepping away from Electric Avenue, the free weekly started with UHF. Their statement says it's just a matter of time and energy, which is understandable. UHF will keep things going Friday at the Lower Level solo (and those guys are like a hydra, so they'll continue pulling in DJ/producers from all over the Seattle talent pool). Hopefully the UHF guys will continue to book the occasional outside talent as well—Enduser and DJ Assault were both sweaty good times.

Two new weeklies have emerged: Absolute Minimal Mondays at the Capitol Club aims to keep things a bit on the chill side, with Travis Baron bringing Seattle's finest and mixing things up with CD listening parties, so you can start the week off with beats in your ears and a cocktail in your hand.

Then there's Oscillate. The techno/electro/IDM/misc. weekly has left its longtime Tuesday home at the Baltic Room behind, now unofficially kicking off the weekend in their new Thursday slot, going so far as to do a joint cover with Harsh! on overlapping nights starting next month. This week features electro from Decca, and they're closing out the month with another mini-showcase of local label Kupei Musica, featuring Chicago's Kate Simko, who killed at the VIP Room a few months ago.

If you like your music more indefinable, rejoice at the return of Le Vide. After its hiatus, the night arrives every first Thursday at the Alibi Room, weird music in a weird basement. It's hard to think of a more perfect pairing.

These changes are relatively benign and indicative of a vibrant scene. There's little to complain about when the music isn't going away. That said, keep an eye on the latest nightlife legislation developments—they could undermine not just your favorite nights, but also the scene at large.

Get Out!



Continuing their quest to dominate the world of abrasive music, Harsh! features live performances in this month's edition by Vincent Parker, blowupnihilist, Kinoko and Microscopic Suffering joined by DJ sets from Dyna~girl and Kris Moon. Not only that, but they're letting the first 25 people in free AND giving out Harsh! swag. This is the first of two dates for the Harsh! crew, who also host a performance by Wounded Infidel and Noize to Men at Re-bar on Tuesday. Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, 233-9873, 9 pm–2 am, $5, 21+.



After 2005's My Machine, Princess Superstar's focus seems to have shifted away from her own hedonistic raps to DJing, which mixes the occasional mashup with indie favorites (Justice, Spank Rock, Passions). Opening things up is Gene Lee, who is using this gig to kick off his birthday weekend. Grym, Jaywest, Charly, and Pressha will be holding it down in the drum 'n' bass room. Club Heaven, 172 S Washington St, 622-1863, 9 pm–2 am, $10 before 11 pm/$15 after, 21+.



Three-time consecutive DMC champion and rave favorite DJ Craze mixes turntablism with club-oriented jams. He can kill you with hiphop, but tonight he's likely to mix it up, with electro, Miami bass, and hopefully some drum 'n' bass tossed in. Even if it all descends into "just another mashup set," Craze's deck mastery sets this one apart. Lo-fi Performance Gallery, 429 Eastlake Ave E, 254-2824, 10 pm–2 am, $3, 21+.

Support The Stranger


The Grammy University Network understands that if you're trying to keep the attention of the college-age demographic, free stuff is just about mandatory. So sure, there's going to be music provided by some of the house scene's finest at this celebration of summer, but there's going to be free food as well. Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 9 pm–2 am, free for Grammy U members/$4 general, 18+.